Art.4 Objectives:

  1. To consider periodic dynamics in the field of electron microscopy in Romania, to submit proposals under the law, the legislative and executive institutions, coordinate and / or enforce national and / or research topics related to electron microscopy;
  2. To support companies, private or state-owned institutions to perform work of scientific research, expertise, diagnostic, consulting, forecasting, technical assistance, quality analysis, development of rules and standards in its field of activity determined under contract;
  3. To establish and maintain professional relationships with national or international organizations in profile of research, development, production, standardization etc.;
  4. To support the professional and scientific interests of its members;
  5. To inform its members on the development and technical progress in the field of electron microscopy and related fields;
  6. To encourage and assist members of the association in publication of books and papers;
  7. To establish annual awards for the best papers published by its members in national and international papers;
  8. To sustain the participation of its members at congresses, symposiums, training courses, summer schools, workshops, specialized exhibitions organized at regional, national or international level;
  9. To increase the competence of S.M.E.R. members by raising the level of training achieved through: exchanges, contacts with specialists with higher education in the territory, training courses and participation in international events;
  10. Facilitating the member access to scientific journals;
  11. To organize regular meetings of SMER members in annual symposia;
  12. Initiation and development of scientific links with other scientific societies in the country and foreign microscopy companies;
  13. To edit scientific journals as well as materials relating to various scientific meetings;
  14. To organize an annual symposium (Workshop) of Electronic Microscopy addressed to researchers and academics, as well as undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral and post-doctoral students (in order to familiarize them with the various modes of electron microscopy, the possibilities and limitations);
  15. To attract donations and sponsorships for implementing the measures referred to above (within legality and a high morality).